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Big Picture Farm is not currently set up to receive unannounced visitors at our farm due to the nature of our operation. We are located in a rural area, and have found that unexpected visitors often disrupt the established routines, thus agitating the goats and dogs and workers -- making it difficult on everybody and ultimately not as enjoyable for YOU. We apologize for this -- someday we hope to set up a farm-store pick n' pay type of thingy with a self-guided tour, etc. Sadly, we're not there yet.

That said, we do love to give scheduled 'meet the goat' tours on Sunday afternoons at 3. This is much better because we're expecting you (and our big dogs are, too!), and we can spend some quality, stress-free time with you :). If this is of interest, please email us, introduce yourself(selves), and let us know what Sunday you'd like to visit (so we know to be there to show you where the goats are) and we will do our best to make sure you can visit the farm and animals. We'd love to meet you! Unfortunately tours of our production spaces are not possible at this time for health/sanitation reasons. Unfortunately as we enter our busy production season we can not give tours at other times of the week until further notice. 

Also. Save the Date. Sunday October 8th 2017 from 12-3 will be our Annual Fall Goat Hangout. Cheese & Goats and Fun!

Thanks so much for supporting our farm!





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