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O, Gertrude Stein. Our 3rd goat and our 1st retired milker. Born in 2006, she came to us from Twig Farm in Cornwall, VT. We fancy that Gertrude, if given the choice, would probably smoke a fat cigar and write poems all day instead of being a goat (just like me). Instead, she's a goat (just like me). And now that she's retired she pretty much lives the life, hanging out all day with her daughter, Cy, and grand-daughter, Eva, eating delicious forage and getting her head scratched. While she did prove to be a signficant milker, we don't miss her antics on the platform. Not-a-bit. Was she a dancer? check. Was she a face-jabber? check. Did she respond to a butt rub? thankgod sometimes.)

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Bonus footage: watch Gertrude give birth! (For a bit of comic relief, while watching this, feel free to imagine me in the middle of the night, our first kidding season, Louisa away in NYC, worried sick and feeling the need to record the birth for Louisa even though Gertrude is hours away from actual delivery -- which any experienced goat farmer would know...CLEARLY the baby hasn't entered the birth canal, yet! Needless to say, it was a LONG and brutal 36 hours crammed into that tiny chicken coop before the twins, Cy and Elvis, finally emerged).




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