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Fern was -- alongside Orion -- our very first goat. My brother and I drove our grandfather's pickup to somewhere-in-rural-NH the day before Thanksgiving 2010 and smuggled two white goats back to Vermont, and into our lives for good. When we returned back to the farm that afternoon, Louisa's family greeted us at the barn (they had just arrived to spend Thanksgiving with us), and I stepped out of the truck into the first snowfall of the year! We took little Fern (she was only a kid) and Orion out on a stroll to the far fields, our stomachs airy with butterflies, visions of what-would-someday-be gracing our periphery in dream-like flashes. It was a moment not to be forgotten -- for it was the moment we truly began farming; the beginning of chores; but ultimately, the beginnings of a life-enhancing education in animal husbandry.

From there, Fern has developed into a champion milker and an extraordinary friend. She has now gifted us with many offspring and ample milk! Here is a blog archive of Fern we've kept since the beginning. Here is a short essay I wrote for Edible Green Mountains which features Fern and her fear of stream-crossings :).  




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