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The "Gertrude Stein" Collection


Named after Gertrude Stein the goat. Still going strong at age 10, Gertrude is the retired matriarch of our esteemed artist line of goats. Gertrude is “unto herself” as the saying goes (read: total weirdo), and prefers to graze alone amid the periphery, but is won over with a head scratch and/or a good old fashioned butt rub. 

In lieu of a butt rub, this gift will do well to express your appreciation and/or affection, and comes all bundled up in a USA-made wooden box and includes a sweet assortment of our favorite farm treats:

Our classic Gift Box loaded with an assortment of our four classic caramel flavors: Sea Salt & Vanilla, Chai, Maple cream & Cocoa Latte

A pocket pack featuring our Brown Butter Bourbon Caramel.

A box brimming with our insanely delicious Sea Salt & Vanilla Caramel dipped in organic dark chocolate & decorated with a goat portrait.

**If you want to send this to multiple folks, feel free to send us an email bigpicturefarm@gmail.com and we are happy to put together an order for you so you don't have to check out online multiple times**



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